Seasons Estates & Townhomes

Seasons Estates & Townhomes contains 166 single-family estate units and 92 townhome units on 94 acres. The site consisted of 100’ of elevation change. We were tasked to create a balanced grading design as the area plan prohibited the addition or removal of any dirt from the site. This was accomplished through an iterative grading process, a creative site layout and working with the architect to provide the ideal design for a hillside development. Homes located on the hillside required extensive retaining wall systems, gravity walls, and keystone block walls. Storm drain management required stormwater detention.

Seasons Estates & Townhomes is located in the Traverse Mountain area, where Focus has designed nearly 400 acres, comprising 744 townhome units, 63 twin homes, and 585 single family lots with similar topographical, and hillside/mountain grading issues.

Client Mountain States Properties
Location Traverse Mountain, Lehi, UT
Project Duration 2013 - 2017
Services Master Planning, Boundary/Topography, Civil Engineering, Landscape Planning, Construction Staking, Detailed Hillside Grading